This pandemic has immeasurably affected our business and our community. We’ve had to make difficult decisions and make sacrifices. But we remain firm on our goal in delivering quick and delicious meals to our customers. To make ends meet, we’ve created a series of fun panda merchandise. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and we’ve partnered with Etsy to make these products available. Link here to our online store.

Bring home the most adorable panda and support local business in Parsippany!

Panda Wok Mug – $18.00
Panda Bam-Boo! Mug – $18.00
Panda Wok Mug – $18.00

Panda Wok T-Shirts – $23.00
Panda Bamboo Hoodie – $23.00
Panda It’s Tso Good – $23.00
Panda It’s Tso Good – $18.00

Panda Wok Apron – $27.00
Panda Halloween Pillow – $34.99
Cute Panda Mistake Tote – $27.50